AR Building Maintenance Ltd. understands the importance of making sure security procedures and adhered to and handled efficiently and in the manner prescribed, at all times.

  • We keep accurate track of our custodial staff entering and leaving your premises. A log is kept with the names of those working on your premises, as well as the details of dates.
  • Our staff complies in every way to make sure all appropriate security procedures are adhered to. Doors will be kept locked according to instructions. Furthermore, no one will be permitted on the premises without their own key, photo ID or other necessary security clearance.
  • Alarm code, clearance codes and security pass cards will be kept in secure place at all times. Our staff is encouraged to memorize security numbers in order to avoid unnecessary problems.
  • Our staff is completely bonded before they are allowed to enter your premises. A video presentation is given to our staff, to familiarize with all aspects of security handling procedures. Furthermore, our staff is fully competent in following through with necessary procedures so you can be confident that your promise are completely secure.

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